Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our wonderful, crazy life!
Probably the best family picture, even though its not perfect. Love these guys!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Missing my girls

I am a bad blogger. But, I want to be better. I just don't take the time to do it. My girls went to Utah last Friday, July 27th. They had been wanting to go down to stay with their cousins, and when the Hensley's said they were heading down, I took that as an opportunity to get them a ride. I walked in their rooms. Messy, just like they had left them. I thought to myself that I would clean them up for them before they get home. Then I noticed Madelyn had left her iPod charging in her room. Oh, she is probably so frustrated at herself. It was her saving grace for the ride down. I grabbed it and tucked it into a box, along with Kaitlyn's new iPod case that had shown up in the mail that day, and got it ready to mail to Utah. I ran it down to the post office. I asked the lady if I could insure it. She was rather rude and said there was no sense insuring it if I did not have a receipt that proved the value of what was in the box. I sent it off with a prayer in my heart that it would arrive safely. I had no idea if Madelyn still has the receipt for it or not. By four o'clock that evening I was already missing my girls. Just their presence in our home. Over the next few days I started realizing everything my girls do for me. Amidst their fighting and little spats that drive me absolutely crazy, they do so much. It's little things like, can you get him a drink of water, can you get her a popsicle, can you see why the kids are fighting, can you play with Brooklyn, can you put those dishes away. They do tons around our house that I never noticed until they were gone. Sometimes they seem frustrated that they are the oldest in our family and they have to do a lot. But what I see is it is molding them into some wonderful people. They are responsible and know how to jump in and help out. They know how to help a crying child. Kaitlyn is such a caring and wonderful sister to her siblings. She is so tender and affectionate. I watched her with Brooklyn on Thursday before she left. It was late, I was a little frustrated she was keeping Brooklyn up, then it dawned on me she was having a hard time with the fact that she was leaving. She just kept saying over and over again how cute Brooklyn was and isn't it cute when she does this and when she does that. She was holding her and kissing her. It was so precious.

 I have also realized how lonely I am without them here. I have these two girls that are my beautiful, precious daughters, but also my dear friends. I had no one to talk to about girl stuff. About the projects I was working on in the house. About the garden, and how well it was doing. The boys don't care about stuff like that. Madelyn gets excited just like I do about the cucumbers in the garden, and the size of the watermelons, and can you believe how much they have grown overnight.

This makes me want to be a better mom. More patient and loving. I want them to have a best friend in me, forever. It makes me want to take more time to realize what they do instead of what they don't do. It makes me want to sit back and soak them up as they are rapidly growing into beautiful, young ladies who aren't going to be around much longer. It makes me so thankful that they are strong and faithful girls who choose the right.

I got my four wisdom teeth pulled out on Friday. Then came the sweet texts from the girls. Are you okay? I wish I was there to help you? How are you feeling today? These girls are caring and affectionate people and I am so thankful to have them in my life.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Learning to blog

Well, for two years now, I have been wanting to blog. I decided that today was the day, so I am trying to learn step by step. Hopefully, I can get the hang of it, and start capturing my families memories as they happen.